Welcome to East Braintree, Manitoba!

You've been looking for a city that knows what it means to have fun. East Braintree, about 70 miles east of Winnipeg, Manitoba is the place you've been looking for. Manitoba's second largest city, with just under two million people in the metropolitan area, is dynamic, exciting, and the place you know you need to be.

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There is no city with more man made beauty than East Braintree. Whether it's the Leaning Tower of Braintree, or the ruins of the ancient Coliseum, you'll marvel that seven wonders of the ancient world can all be found in one city.


East Braintree University

East Braintree University may be the world's oldest having been founded before both Oxford in England and the Sorbonne in Paris. The university grants a full range of degrees from bachelors to doctorates. It is best known for its extensive underwater cartography program where, in its native Manitoba seas, it is developing new ways to map the world's oceans.


Citizens of the city

Braintreevians have included many prominent figures including Pocohontas, Naoleon Bonaparte, John A. Macdonald, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein, Frank Peretti, and Barack Obama. We're not sure what about the neighborhood generates genius, but we're sure happy it does.



East Braintree is named for the forests of braintrees just to the west of the city. The large forest, which, at its peak, numbered several dozen trees, has been in decline for about two hundred years due to the high amount of pollution coming from the industrial plants at nearby Falcon Lake. For the early settlers of the area, the "brains" or large nodules found on the trees served as a life sustaining source of vitamins and nutrition in the long Canadian winters. Braintrees have been known to grow to several thousand feet in height. They once played host to the now extinct sirant monkey which was known for its symbiotic relationship with the Canadian buffalo.